Recura Pte Ltd is a Bioactive material and tissue engineering company that promotes high end solutions for tissue defects. At the forefront of tissue regeneration and wound healing, Recura is a go to market company committed to delivering innovative medical solutions to our clinical experts and provide exclusive and affordable solutions to patients suffering from non healing wounds. These may include deep dermal and full thickness wounds of various etiologies.


We provide substitutes for living skin grafts which include certain postsurgical states such as breast reconstruction in which skin coverage is inadequate for the procedure performed, or for surgical wounds in patients with compromised abilities to heal. Second and third-degree burns are another situation in which artificial skin products may substitute for auto- or allografts. In addition Recura provides innovative solutions combining, electrical stimulation and ultra sound therapies.


Recura was born from a Singapore consulting company specialized in Medical devices and Biotechnology. Due to increasing demand from High tech companies from Europe and USA, JP Arcana Pte Ltd set up a new distribution company to support SME and start up companies highly specialized in high end technologies answering tissue defects. Recura was opened in 2015 and has grown exponentially since.


Singapore based company; Recura is currently expanding its footprint in Malaysia (Recura Malaysia) and in India by the end of 2016 and expanding fully through South East Asia by 2018.


To be a reliable partner in the treatment of non-healing wounds and Tissue regeneration providing exclusive and accessible high tech solutions to clinicians.



To become the first Asian Biomaterial and Wound Solutions provider, developing and manufacturing new technologies in collaboration with South East Asia regional research centers and experienced clinicians.



Recura is a go to market company offering a range of bio materials and advanced wound care solutions to aid Clinicians in the delivery of optimum care to patients. Recura focuses on  new trends, looking to the strength and weight of scientific evidence, clinical practice and cost-effectiveness. Following and participating closely in new research and solutions to tissue reengineering and biomimetics materials.


Recura Focuses on major tertiary care hospitals specialized in acute and chronic wound management, skin defects, tissue replacement and reconstruction.


Thank you for your interest in learning about Recura Pte Ltd. We care about your questions and concerns.

If you wish to receive any information on our products, questions on specific applications, services or need assistance please feel free to write to us and we will revert back as soon as possible.

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    • Recura participated in the 17th Congress of the Asian Society for Vascular Surgery and the 11th Asian Venous Forum which was held from the 20th-23rd October 2016 in Singapore. Kerecis was mentioned in two poster sessions as well as an oral presentation by Dr John......

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